Smoke-Free Canada Is The Goal

Smoke-Free Canada Is The Goal

In the bigger picture, everybody should be trying to create a smoke-free nation (and eventually the world, but one step at a time!) but some groups are either financially motivated for smoking to remain or they are simply ignorant to the benefits of individuals switching.

Studies have shown the increased rate of people quitting as vaping became popular. It's no secret that smoking cigarettes cause a whole list of health issues while vaping e-liquid has displayed less than 5% of the risk from smoking.

So, surely the goal should be to move smokers away from cigarettes as quickly as possible? The reduction of harm will buy more time for each individual to change their habits overall if they choose to.

The easiest way to move people away from this path is to limit the range of flavours. The taste of sweet desserts and candy is often far more appealing (to adults) than tobacco flavours, sure some enjoy a good tobacco vape but when looking at the sales across North America, the vast majority of vapers prefer fruit and dessert e-liquid.

Unfortunately, many groups want outright bans on flavours - especially those sweet ones. We, as a society, need to stay vigilant and protect the rights of people trying to switch by ensuring flavours remain available to everyone, everywhere.

Here's a clip from a local news station out of Windsor, the store owner speaks on his experience helping people switch...



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