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OntarioVape Kingston, conveniently located at 32 Montreal St beside The Wok In. Ontario Vape is proud to be serving Kingston and the surrounding area for over four years. 

The staff at OntarioVape take pride in providing excellence customer service and top performance in assisting each customer with their individual needs. We have a large variety of product to offer new clientele looking to make a change, or for those who are already using vape products and are looking for something new and exciting. From information, to troubleshooting, to upgrading or starting off, our team at OntarioVape Kingston have everything to suit your every need. Come on in and find out for yourself! 

OntarioVape - Switching made simple. 

32 Montreal St
(Beside The Wok In Restaurant)
Kingston, ON K7K 3E6

Phone: 613-531-3133
Email: info@ontariovape.com

Hours of Operation 
Mon to Fri : 12:00pm-8:00pm
Sat & Sun : Closed




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