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Watching the World Pick Sides Vaping seems to be stirring up debates in every country where it's made an impact. The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand - this list could go on for a while! It seems that of the two sides that are popping up, ex-smokers are almost always included in the pro-vaping groups and most of the anti-vapers are politicians and parents - many of whose kids haven't been involved in the vaping scene. It sounds like that would be an obvious separation, except that in the United Kingdom, the politicians have been able to...

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More Canadian Research In a recent poll from the Angus Reid Institute, it seems as though the number of Canadians seeing the benefits of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is increasing - quite significantly too! In their poll, they asked about vaping and what its purpose is. 46% of participants said that they believe it to be a cessation method for smokers, to improve their health.  And of all the smokers that participated in the poll, 57% had that same belief. This is great news as far as the public opinion of vaping is concerned. It means the media's...

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Canadian Paediatricians: Ban All Flavours! Many paediatricians in Canada have stepped forward to support a total ban on flavoured e-liquid. Their agenda was spurred by the onslaught of media attention that the FDA's teen vaping epidemic had caused. Health Canada has already stated that there will be no flavour ban here, however, they are moving forward with the ban on the promotion of flavours that could appeal to youth. That means primarily candy and desserts. The Canadian Paediatric Society is unhappy with Health Canada stopping short of the full-flavour ban. They truly believe that "...even stronger rules and enforcement are...

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U.S. Smoking Rates Lowest Ever The U.S. smoking rate is showing another decrease from 2016 to 2017. The most notable drop was from the 18 to 24-years-old age group, which saw an incredible 23%. FDA's Scott Gottlieb was quick to announce the positive news on Twitter, with the following statement: "...New @US_FDA, @CDCgov & @theNCI data show U.S. adult smoking rate at 14% in 2017 – the lowest recorded. Continued drop is encouraging. #FDA’s committed to accelerating these declines through our comprehensive approach to tobacco/nicotine regulation..." Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten to mention vaping as one of the biggest...

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Individual Cigarettes May Feature Cancer Warnings! The federal government in Canada is considering taking the package-warnings a step further in the fight against tobacco use. A consultation document read that "...recent but limited research showing that health warnings placed directly on the product ... could be effective in making the product less appealing to users." Obviously, these warning signs have done little to deter most smokers, however there is psychological play afoot. The messages delivered to the user every time they take a cigarette out will, over time, create an association that causes the user to think "negatively" about them....

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