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This is one of the most asked questions when people are looking to make the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. The fast answer is yes. I can only use the Ottawa or Ontario economy to give you an example of the costs associated with both but at least you'll understand the difference between them. SMOKING In Ottawa, Ontario it costs around $12 for a pack of 25 cigarettes. And it is as simple as going to the store and purchasing them - again and again. It is a consistent cost from day 1 to day 652.  The only time...

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Every day there are over 1-billion people lighting up at least one cigarette. Every day many of them say they are going to quit - usually on a Monday. Unfortunately that's where the "quit smoking" dream evaporates (no vape pun intended). Below are the top reasons why quitting smoking is such a difficult task. 1. Fear When somebody tries to quit smoking there's generally a large fear of what withdrawal will be like. Some will imagine a scene from a movie where somebody withdraws from a hard-drug, some will assume it's an easy task and just a matter of willpower....

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What is vaping? Can I vape? You may have seen thick plumes of mystical smoke trailing around somebody as they walk down the street or you may have witnessed a magical event where somebody created a cloudy replica of the Taj Mahal with one inhalation using the latest Smok Alien mod. That is vaping! Thanks to Twisted Lyon for this awesome shot. To vape is to use a special type of e-cigarette (e-cig) - I don't mean the cig-a-like from 2008 - it can be square and boxy looking like the Smok Alien mentioned above or smooth and cylindrical like...

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