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Ontario to Market Vaping While the Ontario government pulled the vaping regulations that were set to be put in place in July, their Bill 36 - the legislation for cannabis in the province - has enabled stores and gas stations to promote vaping products so long as it falls under the restrictions put in place by the federal governments' legislation for tobacco products. The federal restrictions include, but aren't limited to; Graphics or images that appeal to youth Colours that appeal to youth Branding sponsors While these stores cannot display e-cigarettes to the public, the promotional materials will still be...

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The SmokeFreeBrain Project This EU funded project's objectives include studying the effect of switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Also, to measure the safety of e-cigarettes and where there may be concerns. The researchers released the findings of the SmokeFreeBrain project and detail them on the site. There were subtle decreases in nicotine dependence and consumption, improvements in quality of sleep, as well as improvements overall quality of life! At the start, there were a few issues with participants feeling the effects of withdrawal, however, by the 28-day mark, the effects had reduced to minimal or had gone completely. E-Cigs:...

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We all have our favourite flavours, those go-to e-liquids that start our day, keep us going after lunch or may help us unwind in the evening. There are certain flavours that appeal to us on a personal level. With Canada's most recent law changes (see Canada's New Regulatory Framework for Vaping)  including the potential ban of certain flavours, we should show a little more appreciation for the ones that we really enjoy! Here's a list of the top flavour-types, collected from several "Top E-liquid" lists and tallied-up, take a look and see if your favourite flavour is on there! 5. Strawberry...

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The US hasn't seen smoking rates like this since smoking gained popularity in the late 1800s. If we look back almost 70 years, over 40% of the US population smoked. Take that number in and really think about it. That's almost half the population of a country! Going back just two years to 2016, the smoking rate was down to 16% and in one-year it dropped to 14% (2017). While there's no doubt that multiple smoking cessation devices and methods played a huge role, we cannot ignore the effect that e-cigarette use has had on the population of smokers. Just like...

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"Something so evident... that had such a huge impact on health - you should switch right away!" Penelope Hutchinson, a Public Health Consultant, talks about how Canada has taken an illogical stance on vaping versus the UK. Hutchinson is working toward helping Canada become smoke-free through various strategies. She believes that people should be able to take the real evidence and research, then make an informed decision as opposed to buying into the misinformation being spread around by anti-vaping groups. An interesting point brought up is that Canada has taken a rather progressive approach to the opioid crisis, but smoking is...

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