YouTube Isn't Backing Down!

YouTube Isn't Backing Down!

A few weeks back, YouTube came to the forefront of vaping news due to a couple of popular vaping channels having either their videos removed or their account suspended.

Following this, it seemed like a fluke, due to the lack of complaints from thousands of other vaping YouTubers.

However, fast-forward to today (May 24) and it seems that YouTube is targeting channels that contain vape-related material. At the beginning it seemed to be videos that featured Juul branded products but now they seem to widening their scope to include anything they believe violates their Terms of Service and User Policy.

Many of these YouTubers use the platform as a way to earn a living. They produce and share content that viewers find valuable, from education to humour. The channels are rewarded with revenue from ads for the number of views the video gets.

YouTube recently started "demonetizing" the videos that are considered offensive. As a result, the videos with high numbers of continuous views are no longer able to generate revenue for the account-owner.

If YouTube continues these actions, vaping videos will have to migrate to other platforms. Some of the most popular channel-owners are already backing up their content on Vimeo and other pay-to-host services - which isn't ideal as it cuts into their earnings.

We will have to see how far YouTube takes it before we know what the online future of vaping looks like. For now, enjoy your favourite vape channels and show support while you can! 

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