WRONG: New York Study - Vaping Causes Cancer!

WRONG: New York Study - Vaping Causes Cancer!

Anybody that's been on Facebook or Twitter in the last few days has probably seen several posts about the vape study from researchers out of New York University.

Various media outlets have been drawing incredibly bold claims regarding the safety of vaping after the results of the study found that nicotine within e-liquid caused damage to the DNA in certain cells within the body.

While the researchers did, in fact find that aerosol containing high-doses of nicotine damaged the DNA within in vitro cell cultures, that does not conclude the effect that it would have when inhaled by humans. There are several stages that aerosol has to pass through before reaching the cells they used specifically.


It should also be stated clearly that mice were the participants of the study and that the researchers were looking at the effect of high-dose Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines or TSNAs on the DNA in cells.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have come forward to say that long-term nicotine use has no detrimental effects to the health of the user. It's been made clear by several organizations that the deadly effects of smoking come from the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

The researchers in the NYU study even acknowledged that e-cigarette and NRT users have 97% less TSNAs in their body than tobacco smokers. 

It's important for us to spread the word that these false conclusions come from the media companies and not from the research itself. 

Please forward this to anybody who has posted information stating "e-cigarettes cause cancer" - it's simply not true to draw that conclusion from this study.





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