Will Canada Increase Taxes on Vaping?

Will Canada Increase Taxes on Vaping?

With Canada entering the realm of Cannabis Legalization, the current law and regulations around tobacco, cannabis, HnB and e-cigarettes is under close scrutiny.

Nobody wants to drop the ball on this, so we will likely see the government err on side of caution rather than offer complete freedom to vapers and those using HnB products.

With that being said, we all know how much taxation is placed on current tobacco products. Something that isn't being talked about openly right now, is the possible taxes on smoking alternatives.

MP Bill Blair has made a very insightful statement regarding the sale of cannabis. He pointed out that taxation on cannabis products should not exceed the prices that can be found on the black market.

One of the biggest reasons for the increase in illegal tobacco product sales is the high taxes. If people can get what they want at a cheaper price, they'll often take that route.

Jorge Araya, CEO of Imperial Tobacco Canada, wants this rule to apply to all nicotine products (except tobacco products). With the boom in illegal cigarette sales, it's clear that high-taxation does not work as a deterrent. As such, there is no advantage. The sales lost to the black market will be significantly higher than the increase in tax revenue for the government.

Only time will tell what the taxes will be once new legislation is imposed on vaping. Let's just keep pushing and standing up for the vaping community where and when we can!





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