Why Is There A War on Vaping?

Why Is There A War on Vaping?

Two Perceptions of Vaping

It's no secret that there's a war raging between vaping advocates and the anti-vaping crowd. Truth be told, it's hard to tell who is more passionate about the subject!

Most vaping advocates have a reason to be passionate. Many of them started vaping on their journey away from combustible cigarette smoking. Anybody who has quit smoking will usually know about the psychological and physiological struggles that come with it.

But what is it that drives the opposition toward a vape-free world? Many of them do not come from a smoking background. Many of them have never tried vaping nor have they ever researched data from a non-biased point.

There are certain regulations regarding safety and children that should be present. In Canada, anybody under 19 is unable to legally purchase an e-cigarette - that doesn't mean it never happens and the same could be said for alcohol products, which from a medical standpoint is far more dangerous.

Did you know, from 1997 to 2002 in the United States, there were 2,335 children killed in car accidents where the driver had been consuming alcohol. That was just alcohol-related car accidents. What about poisonings from household cleaning products? In 2015, over 118,000 children under the age of 6 accidentally consumed regular cleaning products and had to be hospitalized.  Where are the crowds of people trying to destroy these industries?

Big Tobacco Versus The World

Tobacco companies such as BAT and Imperial have been in the cross-hairs of anti-smoking groups for decades. Several big tobacco companies have tried creating electronic alternatives to cigarettes since before Hon Lik came up with the e-cigarette that started the current trend in 2003. For many anti-vapers, vaping is simply a "spin-off" of big tobacco and that means e-cigarette companies are also the enemy.

The truth is that vaping advocates are often against big tobacco companies too. This is something that many people do not realize. Smokers who have become vapers have shifted away from a highly toxic habit to one that is less harmful.

That is where the focus needs to be when arguing for vaping as a cessation tool or a less harmful alternative. Is it 100% healthy? No - but that's not the point. If somebody could quit cold-turkey, they most likely would have. What they need is something that is less harmful, to bridge the gap between smoking and not smoking.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) such as pills and patches work for many but it isn't effective for those whose psychological addictions are stronger than the physiological ones.

Somebody may love smoking because of the feel of it in their hands, similar to fidgeting. Somebody may enjoy the act of inhaling something or find the sight of smoke in the air relaxing as they exhale. For some, the addiction might be found in the act of "escaping for a cigarette" during stressful moments.

Those are all psychological addictions. Habits that have formed based on the emotions of the smoker. NRT will not fulfill these aspects of smoking which leaves a lingering attraction toward cigarettes.

What can offer those things? Vaping. The vapour that's released is seen to be more appealing to the eye - just look at the cloud crowd! The smell and flavour is often satisfying to the user and their body still gets to run through similar routines which makes quitting smoking far less stressful.

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