What's Up in Vaping? - 7

What's Up in Vaping? - 7

Watching the World Pick Sides

Vaping seems to be stirring up debates in every country where it's made an impact. The United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand - this list could go on for a while!

It seems that of the two sides that are popping up, ex-smokers are almost always included in the pro-vaping groups and most of the anti-vapers are politicians and parents - many of whose kids haven't been involved in the vaping scene.

It sounds like that would be an obvious separation, except that in the United Kingdom, the politicians have been able to take a moment to listen to what researchers and healthcare specialists have to say about vaping.

Simply sitting down to review the most up-to-date data from the most authoritative sources was enough to help them decide that vaping's harm reduction is enough to warrant regulations and policies that support vaping and its ability to help smokers quit smoking!

So, what's up with the rest of the world? Why are they all struggling to separate politics with the data?

There could be a whole segment of issues including personal investments of politicians, all the way to industries owning too much of a market. We'll never truly know the details, but Canada seems to be leaning a little more towards supporting vaping as it gradually helps the decline of smoking rates nationwide.

Just looking at the most recent data, it suggests that even ex-smokers who primarily vape, but give-in and smoke a couple of cigarettes here-and-there are far less likely to relapse into smoking traditional cigarettes exclusively again!

Canadian Doctors are Ill-Informed?

In British Columbia, Doctor Chris Carlsten (from the Lung Disease Clinic at the University of B.C.) went to the media with claims that vaping is similar to smoking. He made connections between tobaccos rise to popularity and the currently growing popularity of e-cigarettes.

Dr. Carlsten seems to be forgetting the main point of vaping and how it started. The tobacco industry initiated people into smoking by offering a product of class and sophistication - a pleasurable activity during social events.

Vaping on the other hand, was created to hep smokers move away from the 5,000+ chemicals found in cigarettes and switch to less harmful, and less addictive alternative.

While Dr. Carlsten's claims are unfounded, as an example he still believes that nicotine alone is responsible for the addictive qualities of cigarettes - it's a reminder than the education for vaping and e-liquid is not up to par!


Throw Back to the iJoy Avenger!

Avenger kit with voice control. As one of the first voice-activated devices on the market, it certainly took a while to pick up steam, but once people saw these things in action stores were finding it difficult to keep these in stock!

ijoy avenger mod with tank in gold and red

The standard temp control for the popular coil types is there; nickel, titanium and stainless steel. You have all the classic controls for two memory modes, power up and down, standard firing bar, and of course the wattage control. 

With a solid build and easy-to-use menu setup, it's a no-brainer. Especially when you throw a 30mm tank on and don't see any overhang! But what really sold the iJoy's Avenger device, is the voice control.

Sure, it can be called a party trick or gimmick, but so can Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa. The times you thank these companies for creating such technologies is when you're so focused on other things that you can't afford to look down at your mod to change the power output or other settings.

It's better to have something and not need it than need it and not have it!

check it out, we suggest taking a look as soon as you can since these are hard to keep on the shelf!




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