What's Up in Vaping? - 6

What's Up in Vaping? - 6

More Canadian Research

In a recent poll from the Angus Reid Institute, it seems as though the number of Canadians seeing the benefits of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is increasing - quite significantly too!

In their poll, they asked about vaping and what its purpose is. 46% of participants said that they believe it to be a cessation method for smokers, to improve their health. 

And of all the smokers that participated in the poll, 57% had that same belief.

This is great news as far as the public opinion of vaping is concerned. It means the media's focus on youth vaping hasn't had the same effect as it has in the U.S. Which, in turn, means that regulations should be far more objective in Canada than our American neighbours have been dealing with!

Updates to Ontario Vape's Online Store

We've been going making some amazing changes offline, with the new location in Ottawa. But we've also been updating the online store. We've got a couple of new e-liquid lines and they're already selling fast!

Perfect for the Christmas holidays, we'd like to feature one of our new favourites:

Check it out here...

Fletcher's Story

The team we've built at Ontario Vape is something we're incredibly proud of.

Despite having all these different personalities, we're all working towards one common goal: Helping smokers move to something much less harmful!

It's a goal worth striving for, and you feel fulfilled every time you see somebody again who's stopped smoking and is looking healthier and happier!

Here's another story from the Ontario Vape team.

"Since I have been employed with Ontario Vape, I have been welcomed into what is not only a fantastic and hard-working company but also an incredibly enjoyable and respectful group of employees that make every effort to feel like a family. In all my experience in the customer service/sales industry, Ontario Vape has been my most rewarding endeavour thus far and has secured its place as an industrial power-house, for employee and customer, to-date. Very few companies have made a name for themselves like this one, and it is truly a personal pleasure to be a part of this journey.

Giving up cigarettes has been the task of a lifetime for a lot of people all over the world and finding a suitable alternative has never been an easy experience for anybody, myself included. However, during my employment with this company, I have learned that the act of going smoke-free can be easier and more enjoyable than ever before. There is never a lack of opportunity to see a new face enter the store, hoping to start down the pathway to feeling healthier and happier.

Whether it’s assisting a new customer in making the transition from cigarettes or ensuring long-time clients are well supplied and loving the vaping lifestyle, Ontario Vape has recognized the powerful presence it holds in an industry that is expanding at a rapid pace, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their future."



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