What's Up In Vaping? - 5

What's Up In Vaping? - 5

Canadian Paediatricians: Ban All Flavours!

Many paediatricians in Canada have stepped forward to support a total ban on flavoured e-liquid. Their agenda was spurred by the onslaught of media attention that the FDA's teen vaping epidemic had caused.

Health Canada has already stated that there will be no flavour ban here, however, they are moving forward with the ban on the promotion of flavours that could appeal to youth. That means primarily candy and desserts.

The Canadian Paediatric Society is unhappy with Health Canada stopping short of the full-flavour ban. They truly believe that "...even stronger rules and enforcement are needed".

Vaping's Hurdles: A Lack of Communication 

We've seen a back-and-forth mentality from the FDA since Gottlieb has been in charge. Since the US legislation and policies around e-cigarettes play a part in how the industry functions here in Canada, it's important we keep an eye on how things are going for our Southern neighbors!

Recently, the FDAs swift decision to remove flavours from pod-style devices, has left much of the industry wondering how regular devices will be governed - so far, they've been left alone.

The reason for the push against pod-style devices was due to "new data" that had Gottlieb worried about a epidemic of teen vapers, which would lead to teen smokers.

Unfortunately, the media pushed the agenda hard enough that you saw a fair amount of stories appearing in local Canadian news outlets.

The public release of this "new data" was being delayed until 2019, however, the summarized results were released prematurely in a press-release recently. In just one year, they saw an increase in student e-cigarette users from 1.5 million to 3.6 million - a huge increase!

Because of government bodies lumping e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products in the same category, reports are running rampant that "...tobacco product use has [increased] by 38% among high-school students..."

Now, a few weeks back, you may recall the CDC releasing the figures for the US smoking rates.

They hit a record low of just 14%. While there is no way to know for sure that e-cigarettes are the leading cause, Brian King of the CDC mentioned that if e-cigarettes were causing people to quit smoking, we would witness a sharp increase in e-cigarette use. Which is precisely what they're seeing among the student population.

The FDAs plans for true online verification are moving forward, and soon it will be significantly harder for youth to obtain devices and e-liquid. It will still happen, just as youth get their hands on alcohol, but convenience stores will be facing heavy fines and possible closures for selling devices and tobacco products to minors - so there should be a fairly big drop.

Jonathan's Story

Another testament to the fact that quitting cigarette smoking is difficult when you've been doing it for so long.

You can be fully ready to quit as far as your psychology is concerned. But your physiology? That's a different story. The chemical addiction can leave you feeling helpless, and you'll find yourself reaching for a pack again. 

Like Jonathan, some of us need a little help on our journey. Luckily, e-cigarettes were an option and there was a solution right across the street! Here's Jon's story:

"In my early 20’s smoking was a big part of my life. By the age of 22 I was smoking a pack a day and spending close to $100/ week on cigarettes. At the age of 26 I decided to quit smoking, but that didn’t last long due to the stress of my job at the time. Although once I began smoking again I noticed that the odor was really starting to bother me. I hated how my car smelled like an ash- tray and I was reminded of how much money I had wasted in the past in cigarettes.

I noticed that an E-Steam opened up across the street from my workplace and I decided to go check it out. I later became friends with some of the employees there, that convinced me to give vaping a try. I haven’t looked back since."




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