What's Up in Vaping? - 4

What's Up in Vaping? - 4

U.S. Smoking Rates Lowest Ever

The U.S. smoking rate is showing another decrease from 2016 to 2017. The most notable drop was from the 18 to 24-years-old age group, which saw an incredible 23%.

FDA's Scott Gottlieb was quick to announce the positive news on Twitter, with the following statement:

"...New @US_FDA, @CDCgov & @theNCI data show U.S. adult smoking rate at 14% in 2017 – the lowest recorded. Continued drop is encouraging. ’s committed to accelerating these declines through our comprehensive approach to tobacco/nicotine regulation..."

Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten to mention vaping as one of the biggest reasons for significant declines in the smoking rate - thankfully, many people replied to his thread to let him know!

FDA Requires "Improved" Age-verification Online

While an all-out online ban isn't on the agenda just yet, the FDA has moved forward with plans for implementing better age-verification processes.

There are no specific plans just yet, however, it is something you'll likely see put in place on U.S.-based online stores in the next couple of months.

Flavours have already been banned in closed-pod devices across convenience stores, but there are no plans as of now, to ban them online.

Mardi's Story

Not everyone's switch will happen overnight. For many of us, it can take days, weeks, or even months of mixing vaping and smoking before finally dropping cigarettes completely.

Don't be discouraged by slow-progress. Even a small step moves you closer to your goal - and if that goal is going to reduce the risk of health issues, even slow-progress is worth it!

Check out Mardi's story right here:

"I started vaping 5.5 years ago slowly. Vaping a little more, and smoking cigarettes a little less each day.

As time went one, picking up a cigarette became nauseating and nearly unbearable at times. One day, I just stopped.

I have helped help so many do the same, some I have shared my story with, and some just using my expertise, I have helped hundreds make the switch.

I have never been so proud and honored at what I do for a living, to honestly say that I help save people. I help people save Money, Health, and increase their energy level.

I help people everyday, because every time anyone I have helped uses their vape, that is one less puff of a cigarette...and that's a win in my books!"



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