What's Up in Vaping? - 3

What's Up in Vaping? - 3

Individual Cigarettes May Feature Cancer Warnings!

The federal government in Canada is considering taking the package-warnings a step further in the fight against tobacco use.

A consultation document read that "...recent but limited research showing that health warnings placed directly on the product ... could be effective in making the product less appealing to users."

Obviously, these warning signs have done little to deter most smokers, however there is psychological play afoot. The messages delivered to the user every time they take a cigarette out will, over time, create an association that causes the user to think "negatively" about them. It's definitely not a fast-acting solution, but it is extremely cost effective - according to Rob Cunningham of the Canadian Cancer Society. 

From Vaping to Mountain Climbing: A Vaper's Story

We have all seen the negative attention vaping has received over the years. And it seems what started out as a cautionary approach, has developed into a fully-fledged fight against all-things-vaping, for many anti-tobacco groups.

We read lines like, "vaping causes various lung problems" or "just as dangerous as traditional smoking!"

For those of us who went from multiple packs of cigarettes daily, to vaping with e-cigarette, we know the anecdotal evidence. We've felt it.

One man has brought his experience to the attention of tens-of-thousands of people, in an effort to earn the trust of smokers everywhere to see the benefits in switching to an electronic cigarette.

Dominique Rodriguez was smoking around 30 cigarettes per day, and had very little physical activity in his daily routine. After 20 years of this, he discovered e-cigarettes and hasn't looked back since.

But what makes Mr. Rodriguez' story so inspiring, is that he found his new activity in the way of mountain climbing (or hiking).

After feeling his ability to breath properly quickly increasing, he started his hikes and treks. Just four years after starting to vape, Mr. Rodriguez started climbing some of the most scenic and also extreme peaks.

From the Pyrenees mountains and Mont Blanc, to Mount Everest where the base camp alone is 5,400 meters high, he has endured the effects of low oxygen atmospheres during high-altitude climbs - while dealing with the physical stress of actually climbing a mountain.

He claimed that "I'm a big vaper. And yet, my breathing abilities are identical to those of all the nonsmokers that I come across on this path."

To highlight his message, he now displays a big banner at the peak of each climb that reads "E-cigarettes save lives!". He would like to ask vaping critics the question: "If e-cigarettes are as dangerous as you are claiming, tell me, how am I able to achieve all this?"

A very good question indeed!

Jesse's Story

We believe that there are more good people than bad people. We believe that good people share their experiences with others to help educate and guide them through something they haven't yet faced.

The vaping community is made up of these people. Jesse's story highlights how important it is to be the right kind of influence for your friends and family.

Read another story from one of our team members below...

"Quitting smoking was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.

I was a pack to a pack and a half smoker for over 10 years. After several failed attempts, I woke up one day and said to myself I’m tired of being “sick and tired”, there had to be a way out.

My wife at the time was already vaping, she got me to try out hers and I really enjoyed just the pure simple flavors.

You could say that I got hooked on the flavor, she purchased me the first mod that I ever owned a Kangertech Mini Subox. From that point forward the rest is history. 3 years and counting I’ve been smoke free.

I say this a lot and I’ll say it again: This industry saves lives."




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