What's Up in Vaping? - 1

What's Up in Vaping? - 1

The SmokeFreeBrain Project

This EU funded project's objectives include studying the effect of switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Also, to measure the safety of e-cigarettes and where there may be concerns. The researchers released the findings of the SmokeFreeBrain project and detail them on the site.

There were subtle decreases in nicotine dependence and consumption, improvements in quality of sleep, as well as improvements overall quality of life!

At the start, there were a few issues with participants feeling the effects of withdrawal, however, by the 28-day mark, the effects had reduced to minimal or had gone completely.

E-Cigs: Still Most Popular Cessation Aid

In the U.K., Public Health England's report showed that e-cigarettes are still considered the most popular cessation aid.

While they reiterate their previous findings that vaping reduces the health risks associated with smoking by "at least 95%", they celebrate that over 1.2 million people have eliminated cigarette use from their daily life!

The Health Matters report discusses and displays evidence that nicotine is not necessarily the problem and that using it to move smokers away from the thousands of other chemicals, may be the more effective solution.

Convenience Stores in FDA Cross-hairs

In a move that shocked anti-vape groups, Scott Gottlieb, who has gone back and forth on his view of vaping, has started seeing the grey area between bans and a completely open-policy.

Before, it seemed as though the U.S. were going to see flavour bans nation-wide and the elimination of online stores. Now, there may be hope for our neighbours to the south as Gottlieb released a statement this month.

The fear of teen-vaping becoming an epidemic, and the fear of those teens switching to smoking cigarettes has been at the front of all FDA action in the tobacco and vaping industries lately.

He stated, with utmost sincerity "...it's most the cartridge-based e-cigarette products. The opent-tank products that you might find in a vaping store aren't generally used by kids." - which sounds like he's started investigating the more granular details of teen-vaping.

Although many experts would disagree, and say that there is no teen-vaping "problem", they must understand that guiding the FDA's choices is a much better option than attempting to fight legislation and policies that could end in an outright flavour-ban.

Vape Stories

It's important in this community that we recognize and understand that everybody has a story. While everyone is travelling a separate path, nobody is alone in this.

We feel it's important to share some of our team member's journeys, so you know that we are passionate about helping you. We've seen success in the switch, and we want you to experience that success too!


"I was introduced to the Electronic Cigarette through a friend. Being so impressed with the product and company I applied for a job. Four and half years later I still hold a high regard for both the product and the people in this company.

After 36 years of smoking I am able to say the company helped me make the switch and as of the 28th of this month it will be 5 years since my last dirty smelly cigarette.One of the most exciting things about working here is I actually help people make a healthier life choice.

When a customer thanks you for assisting and ensuring that they receive the best performance and enjoyable experience from their electronic cigarette - I feel really good about what it is I do.

Every day provides a new set of challenges, rewards, and is fun! The company promotes both team work and personal growth and is always encouraging new ideas. I enjoy helping and assisting all team members with any questions or concerns regarding work, as Ontario Vape is just like one big Family!"



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