VApril Is Almost Here

VApril Is Almost Here


"I'm always amazed and disappointed to hear that we still have 7-million smokers in [England] and, according to PHE, around 40% of them have never tried vaping."

Dr. Christian Jessen, quoted above, is the new face for VApril. The vaping-awareness month created by the UK Vaping Industry Association, looks to bring that percentage down.

The campaign has the main objective is of encouraging more smokers to quit through vaping.

It's the largest campaign in the vaping industry, and given that almost 3-million smokers have already made the switch to vaping, it's safe to say that the industry is thriving.

Distribution of information is going to be the campaigns weapon against smoking.

With help from PHE's studies in the last 3 years, as well as countless other research publications, VApril will be all about educating people of the differences and benefits of switching.

Some vape shops in the U.K. are even hosting vape-classes. In these classes smokers can learn about harm reduction and the most effective ways to quit.

While the official campaign is limited to the mainland U.K., it's common to see national campaigns like this, turn international on social media. So, if you want to join in and help spread awareness for vaping as a harm reduction tool, you can use the hashtag #VApril on Instagram and Twitter.

If you'd like to help people offline, you could simply ask smokers questions about vaping to help them see how much they don't know about e-cigarettes. It's about peaking their interest and then educating them - be sure not to sound pushy!

If you'd like to know more about VApril, check out: http://www.vapril.org/ 



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