Vaping & The Black Market

Vaping & The Black Market

It comes as no surprise that, with several countries having bans on e-cigarettes, the black market has seen a rise in sales over the last few months of vaping products - whether it's kits or e-liquid.

Unfortunately, it seems that the governments and organizations opposing e-cigarette use are ignoring the possible issues that these countries will face as the sale of black-market products increases.

For those that are unfamiliar with the black market may not realize that the majority of the products being purchased are "fake" or knock-off brands. The manufacturers don't have a reputation to look after, which means safety and quality are not their concerns. They can simply switch to mimic another brand when sales decrease or they may just not brand their products at all.

Some may believe there is little difference between "fake" and true branded products, maybe a tank that fits a little loose or perhaps the fire button is a little rattly. But what if the problem was that the battery was leaking? Or the circuit and housing aren't secure? Or maybe the coils are made of the wrong material? Or how about the cheap e-liquid you purchased containing chemicals worse than the cigarettes you quit smoking?

How will the government feel when unsafe products are being sought after and circulated in their cities? When the incidents of vape-related injuries due to unsafe products starts to skyrocket?

We have read about what happened when the US banned alcohol nationwide. Prohibition does not work effectively - we are already seeing this in countries that have banned e-cigarettes and vaping. People are already looking to switch from cigarettes to vaping and if they can't get the products legally then they could end up looking to the black market for help.

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