Vaping Summary of Bill 174

Vaping Summary of Bill 174

While many of you have already taken action on this piece of legislation by going to the Vaping Isn't Smoking website, joining the thousands of others who are sending or have sent emails of disapproval toward Schedule 3 of Bill 174.

By the way, if you vape and you wish to continue to purchase from within Canada I would highly suggest going to the above website (if you haven't yet)...
Click "Take Action" then enter your details and change the name at the bottom of the letter. Then hit SEND!

If you're not sure what Bill 174 is and how Schedule 3 affects your ability to continue vaping in Canada, here's a rundown of the regulations being put in place.

1 - Prohibit display of vaping products including e-liquid and e-cigarettes.

2 - Removal of "samples" from vape shops. That's right! No more sampling flavours!

3 - Vaping flavours that are considered "attractive to kids" could potentially be banned.

4 - Promotions will be banned - this means no more contests where freebies are offered!

5 - The ban on promotions will also include any form of direct advertising online from Ontario.

Essentially, you will have to know exactly what product you want, go in to the store and ask for it. That's what e-cigarette users will have to do if Bill 174 goes through with Schedule 3 intact.

Needless to say, many smaller vape shops will lose significant business if this happens and many of your favourite stores and/or e-liquid brands could be forced to close-up.

If you support vaping and enjoy your freedom to vape in Canada (because Ontario will be setting the standard for the national-level regulations) and you haven't already done it, go to the website mentioned earlier - Vaping Isn't Smoking - and follow the instructions.

We are a large community and we have the power to change things, but it requires us to take action!

Thanks for being awesome and don't forget... VAPE ON!



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