Vaping: Opinion of a Heart Surgeon

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Vaping: Opinion of a Heart Surgeon

Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar is the Chief of Staff at Trillium Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario. In the video below you'll find an interview between Todd Shapiro and Dr. Bhatnagar on the subject of vaping.

His initial comparison between the health concerns of smoking and vaping was very direct. Paraphrasing his analogy, he mentions the concerns from smoking cigarettes is way up in the stratosphere and the concerns from vaping is closer to ground-level.

Dr. Bhatnagar talks about how kids will find a way to smoke regardless of restrictions put in place. He also states that the data from numerous studies doesn't support the concern of vaping being a gateway to smoking cigarettes. That's great to hear from somebody in his position as it is one of the more frequent arguments you'll hear against e-cigarettes and vaping.

Regarding the issue of vaping around other people, he says "...99.9 percent of vapor is vaporized poly glycol ... water and the concentration of nicotine in the air is 0.06% - it's roughly about the same amount of nicotine you're going to get if you ate two tablespoons of eggplant.."

I could go on and list all of the positive things he has to say about vaping but I'll let you guys watch it. Enjoy!



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