Vaping in Prison

Vaping in Prison

There's a prison in the U.K. that banned smoking back in 2008. Needless to say, things haven't been going well for them.

Smokers who couldn't get cigarettes became creative and started making home-made cigarettes out of any materials they could get their hands on.

The bigger issue, however, was figuring out how to light the cigarettes. Their inventions and "improvised lighters" caused over 800 power cuts since the smoking ban began.

Now that the prison allows for inmates to use e-cigarettes, they've seen a jump of 25% in inmates trying to stop smoking. To add to the positive outcome, inmates have shown improved behavior since the introduction of vaping in the prison.

This particular prison saw a decrease in behavior warnings of around 58%. This entire program was a pilot scheme and now that enough time has elapsed, they can proudly claim that it was a success.

With any luck we will see a growing trend as prisons get a handle on smoking cessation. Not only for the inmates but also the second-hand smoke risk for guards and officials is extremely high due to the long-term exposure.

Another case of the U.K. taking leaps forward in helping people make the switch. While it would be difficult to implement such a scheme across the United States, due to how their prison system functions - Canada has a high probability of it working.

Another great point to bring up in any conversation that requires support of the vaping industry!




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