Vaping Gains Support in NZ!

Vaping Gains Support in NZ!

Last week the Ministry of Health in New Zealand released a statement that saying that they believe e-cigarettes have the potential to make a contribution to the Smokefree 2025 goal the government had set up in 2011.

They also explain that there is no current evidence that supports the notion of e-cigarettes attracting people to smoking. The statement then goes on to mention that while there are carcinogens inhaled with e-cigarette use, they are far lower than combustible cigarettes or are found at levels deemed unlikely to cause any harm.

While it's great to see another government supporting vaping as an exit strategy for smokers, it's unfortunate to see other governments taking steps backward.

In Australia, the Health Minister Greg Hunt stated that he concluded there is no strong evidence of e-cigarettes effectively helping people quit smoking. He incorrectly added that "There is clear evidence that it's likely to lead to the uptake of cigarette smoking."

On the contrary, there has been no solid evidence of e-cigarette use leading to cigarette smoking and studies like this one show the dramatic difference between smoking combustible cigarettes and vaping.

This will not help the rise in smoking Australia is currently experiencing but with any luck, Hunt will see the error in his way when he realizes that the UK has the second lowest smoking rates in Europe since they began fully endorsing e-cigarettes as cessation devices. 

We do hope that more organizations and governments come to see the effectiveness that vaping can have in achieving a low smoking-rate. But while we wait for that to happen, don't forget to check out our range of e-cigarette kits that are available.




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