Vaping Does Not Act as a Gateway - Recent Survey

Vaping Does Not Act as a Gateway - Recent Survey

A survey has been making the rounds in the media-world recently. It's focus is on Marijuana use but includes data about vaping nicotine and non-nicotine e-liquid too.

The biggest thing to note from the study is that, despite what the anti-vaping crowd has been trying to argue, teen smoking is at an all-time low. E-cigarette use has increased among teens over the last few years, which doesn't help our cause - however, it does deserve to be noted that within the teens confirming they've experimented with e-cigarettes, less than 3% said it was for 20 or more days.

You can read the full survey summary here. You can see the numbers of teens smoking has dropped significantly. Many have gone on to state that it's probably due to the majority of teens choose an e-liquid that has just flavouring and contains no nicotine. 

Many of the media-outlets that published commentary on the survey only wanted to focus on the number of teens who have experimented with e-cigarettes and vaping.

The damage that they are doing by not focusing on the massive drop in teen smoking is extreme. Normalizing smoking cessation is how to keep teen smoking at an all-time low, the more youngsters see that smoking is "out", the less likely they are to try it for the first time.

In 1997 the rate of smokers among high-school kids in their senior year was 36.5% - then we look at 2017 where the numbers have dropped to just 9.5% - in just two decades the smoking rate dropped by 73%.

The numbers of other school years is just as impressive (84% and 91% drops), obviously with such a long timeline it would be hard to say if e-cigarettes had an active role in the decrease in smoking among teens. But it is safe to say that, despite the increase in e-cigarette experimentation, the use of combustible cigarettes has continued to decline!


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