"Vaping Does More Good Than Harm!"

"Vaping Does More Good Than Harm!"

A bold statement has been made by researchers from University of Michigan.

A meta-analysis of studies involving vaping and e-cigarette use was used to create a highly sophisticated simulation to predict a future where vaping continues along the same path.

They took into account, the variables that people are fearful of and the variables that like decreases in the smoking rate in multiple countries. 

Needless to say, there were both positive and negative outcomes.

The negative outcome that was most prevalent in the simulation was the teen vaping issue where vaping was used as a gateway device to combustible cigarettes. In that instance we would see approximately 260,000 life-years lost.

Note: Life-years is the measurement they used to calculate outcomes. It is a measurement of years of life from multiple people added together.

Now, 260,000 life-years sounds like a lot, but that number is dwarfed by the number of life-years saved by vaping: 3.5 million!

But we still don't want to promote something that will lead our children, the future of this world, to something that will ultimately harm them. Right?

Well, luckily, the real-world data supports the notion that it is a small minority that picks up vaping as a habit after not having smoked before. The rather large majority of teens who vape, do so because they used to smoke - in this case, that would be a huge win.

It's clear that vaping has so much potential and can save so many people, but we need to make sure this relatively new innovation in society isn't met with too many regulations or restrictions. They will ultimately slow the progress and the positive benefit vaping is having, and will have.

So remember, support vape shops, support the industry and support your right to vape!

Vape On!



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