Vaping Community and Fake News

Vaping Community and Fake News

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There are more people standing against S-5 every week, but will its progress be halted and the inclusion of vaping be re-evaluated?

In Ontario there has been much attention toward Bill 174 that has drawn focus away from the national Bill S-5. The number of people in the vaping community resisting the categorization is growing and public opinion is slowly swaying toward the positive side of vaping, the issue is the speed at which word is spreading.

Regulator Watch posted this video early November and in an interview, a doctor in the UK lays down some great insights into why e-cigarette users need to band together and spread the word on how vaping has helped them and all the research that highlights the positive changes a smoker will benefit from when making the switch.

Big media channels are on a mission to spread negativity about anything and everything to create news that will "sell" - and the vaping industry is no exception. Public opinion is important in the fight against poor politics. If you enjoy vaping, make sure you're doing your part to protect it!



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