Vaping Awareness Among Non-Vapers

Vaping Awareness Among Non-Vapers

This has been the struggle of most vaping communities out there.

The people in power often fall into the majority of people who do not smoke and have never researched e-cigarettes. If we take a step back and look at everyone in that category who is no in power, we would see that vaping is frowned upon.

"There's no benefit as you're just continuing a bad habit" or something along the lines of "nicotine is the most addictive part, e-liquid is full of it!"

No matter how far we look back in the history or forward into the future of vaping, those that don't research it or try it are ignorant to the benefits.

The main problem is that media outlets are not pushing the benefits. They're cherry picking issues that arise in specific studies, like the infamous research two years ago where they used an old coil at well-over normal temperatures, then spreading the negative news as though it's gospel truth.

Well, times are slowly changing and we are seeing a much better path emerge for the vaping industry. As more people become aware of the advantages smokers receive when they make the switch, the rate of acceptance in the government and legislative bodies will increase.

Already in England, 43% of the general population of adults believe vaping to be less harmful than normal cigarettes. You may think "that's less than half!" - but when you realize that here in Canada that number is closer to 15%, England has it pretty good!

The survey was conducted in January 2018 and it has already helped the UK Vaping Industry Association with their promotion of Vaping Awareness Month. Nicknamed "VApril" - it will take place throughout the entire month and challenges smokers to pick up an e-cigarette instead of their pack of smokes!

It goes to show the influence that bigger organizations have on larger populations. Public Health England have been a huge driving force behind the vape scene over there. Here in Canada we have several smaller organizations directly related to vaping but there's no large healthcare body that has come forward to show support - yet.

Everybody knows England adopted e-cigarettes into their culture very rapidly and that despite the obstacles from government entities, the industry continued to flourish.

Places like Canada and the United States are split up into too many sections with their own level of government. This slows down the acceptance of any new controversial technology.

We will get there too. Support for vaping will increase as more people see their loved ones move away from smoking and the ill effects associated with it. We just have to stand tall and push past any obstacles the governments decide to drop in front of us, keep spreading the word and stay supportive so people know they can make the switch.



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