Vaping Argument Continues Regardless of Evidence

Vaping Argument Continues Regardless of Evidence

It always happens when an industry grows very rapidly from nothing to a multi billion dollar entity in the global economy.

People will argue against it with every fiber of their being. Even when the data and evidence outweigh the argument.

In the last couple of weeks you may have seen, either here or from another source, the American Cancer Society's report on cancer rates from smoking. They show a dramatic 26% drop in smoking since 1991.

Unfortunately, people were quick to dismiss vaping as one of the major contributors to this decrease. Despite the fact that over 350,000 people were saved in less than two years (2014-2015)!

Obviously the leading cause is the awareness that people now have for smoking and the health issues it causes. Not to mention, smoking has now been around long enough that many of us know somebody who has been directly affected by smoking - this makes the issues far more real.

But to dismiss vaping as a non-contributing factor is to ignore the truth.

In July of 2017, a study was published displaying a large correlation between e-cigarette use and smoking cessation. It would be hard to ignore that considering the original purpose of e-cigarettes was to give smokers an alternative to combustible cigarettes.

It's a shame that the general public cannot see the benefit of encouraging vaping-use among smokers. With the media being quick to put e-cigarettes in the spotlight alongside false or exaggerated information, it's an uphill battle we face.

The majority of the scientific population are happy to agree that vaping is significantly safer than smoking. But with the media looking to sensationalize topics to increase their audience, the scientific community are often tuned-out by the public in favour of stories of vape-explosions and popcorn lung!

The tide will eventually turn and we will witness a big positive change toward vaping. Until then, we should continue to make sure we are spreading the word about vaping to smokers. We should be vigilant with poorly constructed legislation and if you're in Ontario or Canada, in general, push for changes to Bill S-5 and any others that may arise.

Bill 174 received Royal Assent in very little time. This means there's little interest in hearing from smaller groups like vapers. If we focus on getting the majority of the public to see the benefits of e-cigarettes, we'll stand a much better chance of being heard in similar situations.

Thanks for being awesome and remember - vape on!



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