Vaping Affects Your Digestion?!

Vaping Affects Your Digestion?!


Smokers for decades have been plagued by different digestive issues. Some argue that the smoking acts as a catalyst for an underlying problem as opposed to directly causing the problem, but the truth is, if something has a negative effect on your health - directly or indirectly, it's best to at least minimize, if not stop doing it. Would you agree?

The reason the digestive issues arise is due to the link between chemicals and particles in the smoke making their way into your stomach, and partially into the intestines.

Once in the intestines, over time it can destroy the bacteria and enzymes that exist to break down and allow absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.

As you can imagine, the lack of vitamins and minerals will lead to deficiencies and eventually further health problems! The damage causing the loss of bacteria and enzymes also increases the risk of colon cancer and colitis.

While you may not have expected a small lesson in biology, that knowledge is fundamental in understanding the problems that inhalation of toxic chemicals can cause outside of the lungs, throat and mouth.

So, questions began to be raised in regard to vaping's effect on the digestive tract. What problems can be caused, directly or indirectly by vaping your favourite e-liquid?

The fast answer: None!

At least, none that science has found so far.

A study from researchers from Newcastle University compared both smokers' and vapers' gut flora (the bacteria and enzymes), as well as that of non-smokers (as a control group).

Their findings brought them to the conclusion that e-cigarette users had similar gut flora as non-smokers.

To give contrast, smokers were found to not only show decreases in the good bacteria but they have significant increases in harmful bacteria - adding to the risk of poor health.

Even when you thought smoking couldn't gain anymore negative factors, science manages to trump themselves again!

If you needed just one more reason to make the switch, there it is!




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