Vapers Are More Likely To Quit Smoking

Vapers Are More Likely To Quit Smoking

If you've switched from combustible cigarettes to the electronic alternative you could be thinking "yeah, what's your point? We already know that...", however, not everybody has made the switch and for whatever reason may have stayed hesitant toward switching.

If you want to support the vaping community and your smoker friend or family member, articles like this one can help see through the ignorant and negative stories that bombard mainstream media channels.

If you go to Google Scholar and do a search for all the studies related to vaping or e-cigarettes, you will ultimately find there are significantly more studies and research positively supporting vaping as a less-harmful alternative.

The latest study making the rounds is coming out of Tennesse, with the help of the CDC. They've found that smokers using e-cigarettes were 3.5 times more likely to have attempted to quit smoking. These findings match this study that showed smokers that used e-cigarettes had attempted quitting more times than their non-vaping counterparts.

The e-cigarette industry is still relatively new, so, while we are against the odds here in Canada, many countries are slowly accepting the positive results of all these studies. The primary reason there is so much resistance is the same reason everything new sees resistance; people fear what they don't understand. As people's awareness and knowledge of vaping, e-cigarettes and e-liquid grows, we should slowly see things getting back on track.

If you'd like to contribute to the vaping community and show your support, please refer to the previous article and use the contact details at the bottom to contact the necessary individuals in the government. 

Have an awesome day and don't forget... VAPE ON!



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