Vape Endorsement Equate to Lower Smoking Rates

Vape Endorsement Equate to Lower Smoking Rates

There's a fairly long list of countries that don't allow vaping. The bans have been created in various ways. In Thailand, the ban is outright on all vaping products - there are no distinctions. 

If you travel to Australia, however, you'll find that vaping is allowed, but only if you have zero-nicotine.

Recently, an Associate Professor at UNSW in Australia stepped up to prove a point to the government. About the ban, he stated "The TGA is essentially saying to the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have already quit smoking by using e-cigarettes: You quit the wrong way."

You can go into any store and buy a pack of cigarettes, that not only contain nicotine, but also contain thousands of other chemicals that are detrimental to human health. But e-liquid containing nicotine, you will have to convince your doctor to give you a prescription, then try to find a pharmacy that carries it!

A group of Australian doctors have addressed the issue with the parliamentary committee, explaining that smokers shouldn't be discouraged from getting a nicotine delivery system that has been shown to have 95% less harmful effects than combustible cigarettes.

Associate Professor Mendelsohn said, "For the first time ever, there has been no statistically significant reduction in the smoking rate, and an increase in the number of smokers in Australia. This is despite plain packaging and the most expensive cigarette prices in the world."

He has referred to many of the recent scientific evidence in his latest study on e-cigarette use. He believes that doctors have a "duty" to offer smokers the best possible advice and treatment options available. With the current ban there's a big shadow cast over e-cigarette use, which means very few practitioners will dare to prescribe them as a harm reduction tool.

Between 2013 an 2016, the data points out that smoking rates have risen by over 21,000 to 2.4 million - a number that he attributes to the current legislative rules.

Right now, the number of smokers in Australia has exceeded those in the U.S. - which is significant, considering the population difference!

Unfortunately, the Health Minister still refuses to lift the ban and believes he has absolutely no reason to.

Sorry vapers down-under, your time will come - just not yet!



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