UK's New Opportunity

UK's New Opportunity

Vaping has been supported by the majority of the governing bodies and organizations in the UK for quite some time now. Most of the great news about e-cigarettes and their effect on the smoking population has come from England.

Despite that, there are still some that carry disbelief and skepticism when it comes to youth and the "gateway effect" e-cigarettes may have. This idea has been dispelled numerous times through various studies (both small and large scale) but some MPs and organizations cannot let it go.

This has led to an inquiry being launched to find out whether vaping re-normalizes smoking.

While your first instinct may be to feel negative toward the idea of politicians pushing back against something that is ultimately helping certain populations of the public - this may be a positive thing.

This is a true opportunity for the people in power to see for themselves the benefits clearly outweighing the risks.

A relatable example of this happening on a smaller scale:

Your friend tries to explain something and get you to believe it but you simply will not believe what your friend is saying until you research it and see for yourself.

Because these MPs are finally the ones behind the inquiry they may finally accept the results and move on to more pressing matters.

With any luck, full support from the UK will translate to other countries accepting vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking. We will have to wait and see!




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