U.S. Vaping Industry & Cancer Coupons

U.S. Vaping Industry & Cancer Coupons

The United States are going through something similar to what Ontario felt when Bill 174 was being passed.

Yesterday was the vote for the Cole-Bishop amendment and vape shops and companies industry-wide were encouraging their customers and all vapers, to vote in agreement.

Currently, the regulations being passed set a predicate date of 2007. That would effectively end the sale of all modern e-cigarettes or vaping devices. The Cole-Bishop amendment, however, will set the predicate date to 2016. This means most of the devices around today can still be sold in-store without having gone through approval by higher-bodies.

Cancer Coupons?

Researchers just completed a study that found coupons for tobacco products being widely distributed.

Through direct mail, online and on or in product packages, researchers found that youth were accessing these coupons to receive tobacco products at cheaper rates.

The study concluded "Coupon recipients had greater odds of tobacco use among new users," which, needless to say, doesn't bode well for governments trying to reform the tobacco industry.

While organizations strive for the demise of the vaping industry, all they have to do is look in their mail both on and offline, and they'll see that there's still a much greater issue. Big tobacco can still advertise in many subliminal ways. Plus, the coupons offset the governments higher-tax plan.

Just watch this video and see how easy it is to access cheaper cigarettes....



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