U.S. Vape Shops Relieved by FDA Deadline - But Anti-Vaping Groups Are Suing!

U.S. Vape Shops Relieved by FDA Deadline - But Anti-Vaping Groups Are Suing!

When the FDA announced it's deeming rule, the vape industry in North America exploded into a frenzy of fear. Many vape shops just closed-up without even seeing how things pan out.

However, in August of 2017, the FDA announced that the PreMarket Tobacco Applications deadline will be delayed. This gave vape shop owners time to focus on a game plan and come up with solutions to most of their stock being removed from shelves.

Many vape shop owners are ex-smokers who used e-cigarettes to step away from smoking and use a less harmful alternative. Almost everyone in the vaping industry knows this.

That doesn't stop anti-vaping groups from trying to bring the deadline forward, however.

Organizations from the American Lung Association all the way to American Academy of Pediatrics are filing a lawsuit against the FDA because they claim that the delay of the PMTA is lengthening the time of consumer exposure to tobacco products that they consider to be "lethal and addictive".

The lawsuit states that the FDA is exceeding their authority due to the fact that no public comment opportunity was presented when introducing the delay.

If you're unsure of what the deeming rule is, here's a video that explains it...

And if you're in Canada, here's one on Bill S-5...



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