Most Popular Flavour-types of 2018!

Most Popular Flavour-types of 2018!

We all have our favourite flavours, those go-to e-liquids that start our day, keep us going after lunch or may help us unwind in the evening.

There are certain flavours that appeal to us on a personal level. With Canada's most recent law changes (see Canada's New Regulatory Framework for Vaping)  including the potential ban of certain flavours, we should show a little more appreciation for the ones that we really enjoy!

Here's a list of the top flavour-types, collected from several "Top E-liquid" lists and tallied-up, take a look and see if your favourite flavour is on there!

5. Strawberry Desserts

Surprisingly this came in at number 5. Personally, this is a favourite, but at least it made the list!

We have Whipped Dreamz from Coil Glaze available in 60ml - a delicious strawberry cream cake where the strawberry comes through a little stronger than the cake. Perfect for those who enjoy a little more fruit-taste!

4. Blueberry & Cream

This is no surprise. Blueberry flavours became popular pretty quickly but never quite climbed to the top, maybe because blueberries can vary in taste a lot depending on how ripe they are - people didn't know whether the liquid would be sharp and tangy or sweet and juicy!

Our most popular Blueberry & cream flavour is Angel's Abduction from The Juice Punk - almost every flavour from The Juice Punk is worthy of being on a top-10 list, but the sweet, creamy flavour of Angel's Abduction has just the right amount of blueberry to top it off!

3. Tobacco

This was likely to be on the list since most vapers switched from cigarettes. It's a lot easier to make the switch because vaping holds many habitual similarities to smoking a cigarette, but some people now enjoy the taste of tobacco - this is something fruity flavours just won't help with!

One of our most popular tobacco flavours is Sasha's Law, again a Juice Punk favourite. A great tobacco taste with the edge taken off with a touch of sweetness.

2. Strawberry & Kiwi

This specific duo has made their way into more brands' e-liquid than we care to count. 5-million people can't be wrong (okay, so we totally guessed that!) and so we're going to pass on the thought-out description and just let you try it for yourself!

We have a few fruit-blends with strawberry and kiwi mixed in there, but we have to give a shout-out to Strawberry Kiwi from Gogo Juice for finding the perfect balance.

1. Watermelon Duos or Blends

Watermelon seems to be a common ingredient in the most popular fruit blends. It's easy to see why when you think of how juicy and appealing they are. Watermelon flavours always add just the right amount of sweetness.

One of our favourites is (in general, too!) is Hope from Vape Time - a wonderfully tasty blend of Strawberry, Watermelon and Peach. Hope has been a long-time favourite for many. If you haven't tried it yet, you're definitely missing out!





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