Top Five E-liquid Flavors for Summer

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Top Five E-liquid Flavors for Summer

It's the middle of summer and in our city it has finally stopped raining and now we're seeing more people outside in this incredible weather.

Many of us like to switch up our e-liquid during the hot weather, so here are 5 great tasting flavors to try...

1 - Blood Orange - This is one of the most refreshing flavors out there. A similar citrus burst that you get from lemon but with more of a sweet taste. Delicious at any time of the year but you'll really appreciate the zesty flavor during warm weather.

2 - Spearmint - If you're looking to feel a little cooler during hot days, any mint flavor can do the trick, but if you're like me and have a sweet tooth then spearmint might be just the way to find a balance between cool and sweet.

3 - Strawberry, Peach & Pink Lemonade - Love fruity drinks in the hot weather? When you want the delicious flavor without the calories, this might be just what you need! Fruity, sweet, tangy - and did I mention delicious? 

4 - Cream, Coconut and Banana - Looking for something tropical? Add a bit of cream to coconut and banana and you have a fantastic sweet tasting ejuice that will make you feel like you're lounging by the pool in Bora Bora!

5 - Green Apple & Pineapple - These two fruits really make for a crisp, tangy flavor. While not as sweet as the options above, it is refreshing and has a nice kick to it so the flavor lasts.

What are your favorite summer flavors?!



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