The World Continues to Divide

The World Continues to Divide

Countries all across the world are choosing side when it comes to vaping.

There have been pushes towards anti-vaping with many countries leaning towards full bans. While other countries like England have gone the more positive route and are using e-cigarettes as a tool to lower the smoking-rate among the population.

News that another country, Ghana, is banning e-cigarettes and e-liquid - which is surprising given the relatively low smoking-rate within the country.

The Influence

It's hard to tell where the influence is stemming from as there could be a push from both anti-smoking groups but also from big tobacco companies that have money to invest in certain programs and organizations.

Even though their end-goals are not the same, neither anti-smoking groups or big tobacco want to see the independent vaping industry succeed. Many anti-smoking groups are aiming to stop the development of new trends that feature smoking-like habits (inhaling, hand-to-mouth motions).

Big tobacco on the other hand, wants to see an increase in product sales in less-developed countries as it's easier to find loopholes and bypass laws in countries that are looking for economic boosts. Vaping poses a threat to their business in these countries. 

Ghana plan to ban both Shisha and e-cigarettes, as they claim their research shows 8.5% of youth (13 to15) use e-cigarettes. Vaping360 states, "...this research has not been released to the public, and the numbers seem unusually high for a country that has relatively low smoking rates."

Russia has gone the completely opposite direction and is separating vape-regulation from tobacco regulation. Minister Manturov said it's because "they are radically different from traditional cigarettes..."

They've accepted Western research into vaping and came to a similar conclusion that England is also siding with.

Last year 60 Minutes did an interesting take on e-cigarettes versus tobacco products.



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