The Future of Vaping 2018

The Future of Vaping 2018

It's that time of year again. Ashtray Blog have released their annual predictions from experts in the vaping industry. We've summarized the key points for you, because it's an extremely long read!

Clive Bates (Ex-Director of Action on Smoking & Health):

"I’m expecting to see some new technologies in the year ahead – e.g. something other than coils for heating liquids and there will be more interest in usability, especially for first time users. Heat-not-burn will be a growth area and will really ramp up in Europe in 2018."


David Sweanor (Center for Health Law, Ottawa University):

"Painfully and deadly gradually, regulators globally will come to understand that not only is it
counterproductive to stop people moving to low risk alternatives to cigarettes, but it is also impossible.

They will, instead, start focusing at how to facilitate the transition. In the meantime, they will face consumer insubordination, lawsuits, and terrible public relations."


Tim Phillips (Director of E-Cig Intelligence):

"Well, the overview is that we are broadly very positive about any alternatives to combustibles; there is increasing consumer demand for products which are reduced risk, and we think there is an inevitable movement towards a better understanding, and therefore acceptance of, the category. But there will be lots of hurdles to overcome before it is fully embraced by the public."


Pamela Gorman (Executive Director of SFATA):

"One thing is for sure, 2018 will put nerves to the test as the industry further consolidates and foreign companies, unhindered by the deeming regulation’s predicate date will innovate and eclipse companies in the U.S. who have had their products’ improvements halted by the Deeming Rule."


Professor Marewa Glover, PhD. (School of Health Sciences, NZ):

"The scientific, political and public debate for and against vaping and other harm-reduced alternatives to smoking tobacco will continue through 2018. Technological advance and increased prevalence of use of these products will also continue. The most important outcome will be improved health and increased longevity for the millions of people who change from smoking tobacco to vaping, Snus, iQos or other non-combustable nicotine products."


Sarah Jakes (Board Member, New Nicotine Alliance):

"Heat not burn will gain ground in the UK, but not at the same rate as it has in Japan. Tobacco companies will throw their weight behind this technology and the products will start to compete with each other as they go more mainstream."


James Li (President of Innokin):

"In 2018 there will be continued evolution in vaping technologies and design. Advanced device functions will become easier to use, and there will be a greater focus on making devices aesthetically pleasing.

Upgrades in battery technologies will greatly speed up charging time and also improve battery safety. Innokin was excited to demonstrate advanced battery technologies at ECC 2017 and vapers can look forward to some incredible news this year that will push the boundaries of technological innovation. Harm reduction technologies like temperature control will become more accurate and easier to use.

Mouth to Lung low wattage vaping, vape starter kits and pod systems will become increasingly popular as they improve in quality and more smokers make the transition to vaping."


Neil Humber (Editor, E-Cig Click):

"In 2018, if the UK lays the groundwork for its own more sensible vaping legislation, this should encourage other countries to take another look at the benefits of vaping and rid countries like Australia of archaic and vehemently anti-vape laws.

Vape advocacy is in its infancy but groups in Australia – Canada – India and yes even the US have tough times ahead and need all the support they can get."


Martin Dockerell (Tobacco Control Programme Lead, Public Health England):

"By working together public health, vapers and the vape trade will turn the tide on the supposed harms of vaping and even more smokers will become switchers."

Source: Ashtray Blog



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