Temperature Control Vaping

Temperature Control Vaping

The seasoned vaper may not need to run through this info and watch video - if that describes you, just go ahead and click here to see our e-liquid flavours!

Otherwise, check out the video below.

Temperature control vaping is something that often gets ignored by new e-cigarette users, wattage is mainly what's talked about in videos so instantly they start with a low power and work their way up until they reach the "sweet spot". Not to mention, not every device has TC.

But what if you could switch to cruise control for your vaping device? That's basically what Temperature Control does for you.

The most common temperatures are 200°C- 250°C (or 392°F - 480°F) if you wanted to jump in and try it. However, you will have to know first if your device has a single TC mode that supports both Nickel and Titanium coils, or if it has a specific Temperature Control mode that has to be set for either of the coil materials individually. You may also have to “lock in the base resistance” of the coil while at room temperature. Locking in the base resistance is critical for the TC to function properly.

But we'll let Dash Vapes explain a little further...



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