Teen Vaping Scare

Teen Vaping Scare

A subject that's a hot topic in both the U.S. and Canada is teen vaping.

It's been a concern for some time, however, as the popularity of vaping grows, so does the awareness of underage e-cigarette users.

Some argue that the statistics are warped or incorrect, some argue that vaping should be banned altogether and some parents have even argued that they would prefer their teens vaping than smoking.

There are many pieces of content circulating the internet, especially social media, that often display vaping from a negative point of view. The video below offers cherry-picked data that could be taken as a positive or negative, depending on who's presenting the information.

A point that should be taken into consideration is that many teens don't educate themselves about what's in e-liquid. Rather than demonizing it, education may be the correct way to deal with underage vaping.

Naturally, a parent should feel concerned by their child picking up a new habit - especially one that involves ingesting or inhaling chemicals of any kind.

It should also be stated, however, that regulations to restrict the sale of vaping products to underage individuals are in place across much of North America. But just like alcohol, mistakes are made and teens are finding ways to get e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

Unsurprisingly, it seems that the American view on vaping is still stuck on the idea that it leads to tobacco smoking, which when you look at the latest data, it simply isn't so.

As with any industries, there are certain issues that arise and must be dealt with swiftly. And one of the larger arguments against vaping is that more teens today are vaping than smoking.

The connotation of that statement is often considered negative, however, it is being argued by some parents and medical professionals that there are less teen smokers because of vaping - a less harmful alternative. 



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