Surf Sauce E-liquid

Surf Sauce E-liquid

If you're in Ontario right now, chances are high that you're already tired of the low temperatures (wind chill of -33) and the slushy snow. Or maybe you like the snow, you just don't like having to go anywhere in it.

You may have seen some of your neighbors disappear for the winter to somewhere warm and sunny - leaving you here. In the cold.

We can't give you tickets to Jamaica, Dominican or Florida. What we can do, is show you some of the best e-liquid for you to close your eyes and imagine you're on a beach resting in the sun!

It's almost just as good...

Surf Sauce is a e-liquid brand that offers some of the tastiest exotic vape flavors there are!

We carry three flavors here: Cocobana, Tiki Punch and Baked 180.

Each has their own distinct taste and you can get them in either 6mg, 3mg or zero nicotine!

Don't take our word for it with the flavors, here are two reviews taken from another website:

These delicious types of flavors are hard to get right, but Surf Sauce have managed to do it.

If you want a little taste of sunshine without the hassle of travelling or spending a small fortune, just click here to grab the flavor you want!



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