Sub-Ohm Vaping: The Basics

Sub-Ohm Vaping: The Basics

Sub-Ohm isn't as complicated as it seems.

Sure, when you're first switching and you get your first low-wattage mod, you'll be a little overwhelmed at all the different mods, tanks and coils out there - but don't panic, it's pretty simple once you dive right in!

To help, here are three key points to remember. Remember these and you'll always understand the basic premise. We've added a video from DashVapes at the bottom, in case you prefer to see things explained visually.

What is Sub-Ohm vaping?

To put it as simply as possible - any atomizer you use that has a resistance of less than 1 Ohm is considered "sub-Ohm".

What does it do?

It all depends on how low you go. The less resistance the coil has, the bigger the clouds and the more intense the flavors are.

How do I sub-Ohm vape?

In 2018 it is easier than ever. If you're not into building, you can simply purchase one of the many available sub-Ohm tanks available in most vape shops, attach it to your mod (make sure the tank and mod can be paired first) and have at it!

Couple thing to keep in mind: You won't be able to stealth vape if you go sub-Ohm, and due to the nature of vaping this way - you'll use far more power, which means running out of batteries pretty quickly.




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