State of Smoking in 2018: A Global Survey

State of Smoking in 2018: A Global Survey


Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, recently in the news for securing $80 million in initial funding, has released the first large-scale research publication.

What they were looking for;

  1. Understand smokers' experiences and challenges
  2. Probe awareness of smoking and health impacts
  3. Assess perceptions of risk and influence on choices.

The survey consisted of over 17,000 participants spread over 13 countries. All participants were over 18 and consisted of non-smokers, smokers and ex-smokers.

It seems that most smokers perceive cigarettes to be as important to their daily ritual as eating or getting a coffee. Many even associate smoking with hanging out with friends.

For the most part, smokers know and understand the health implications that smoking has and even consider themselves to be less healthy than their non-smoking peers. Despite this there's very little active engagement with the healthcare system nor is there many attempts to stop smoking or find alternatives that could help.

Nicotine is still seen among many smokers as one of the most harmful ingredients of a cigarette. This misunderstanding can easily translate into doubts and fears surrounding less harmful alternatives or even smoking cessation products like gum and spray.

Dr. Derek Yach said, "The data demonstrates that by better understanding the unique experiences and struggles of the individual smoker, we can better support each individual's quit journey,".

China's Smoking Study

China consumes roughly 40% of the world's cigarettes.

Over 500,000 adults were studied over a 4 year period and the researchers have concluded two points that are worth noting:

  • The more you smoke, the more likely you are to be overweight
  • The more you smoke, the more likely you are to have Type II diabetes

Everybody focuses on the heart and lungs when discussing health concerns around smoking. But now diabetes can be added to that list!



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