Smoking & Vaping Rates Are Declining!

Smoking & Vaping Rates Are Declining!

The NHIS Smoking Data for 2017 was released recently.

In 2017 the CDC released the same report for 2016 and it showed a 15.8% adult smoking rates. The 2017 report shows 14.1% - you read that right, a 1.7% reduction in smoking across the population.

Of course, with the agenda of the the FDA and CDC toward vaping, they failed to communicate the context or elaborate on the details as to why the rates were dropping.

According to a section in the National Health Interview Study, in 2014, the number of adults who had used an e-cigarette - EVER - was at 3.7%.

In 2015 that number dropped to 3.4% and in 2016 it decreased to 3.2%.

That data shows a clear declining trend, yet the CDC failed to mention the link across multiple years.

This is what the vaping community should expect as many people use vaping to stop smoking and eventually decrease and eliminate all nicotine use. So, it's natural that there would be a small decline in vapers as the smoking rate also drops.

Unfortunately, the CDC still feed the media's fear tactics to demonize the vaping industry. Similar to the topic shown in the video below. Thanks to RegulatorWatch for continuing to stay on top of news in the industry.



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