Smoking Rates In US Are At a Record Low!

Smoking Rates In US Are At a Record Low!

The US hasn't seen smoking rates like this since smoking gained popularity in the late 1800s.

If we look back almost 70 years, over 40% of the US population smoked. Take that number in and really think about it. That's almost half the population of a country!

Going back just two years to 2016, the smoking rate was down to 16% and in one-year it dropped to 14% (2017). While there's no doubt that multiple smoking cessation devices and methods played a huge role, we cannot ignore the effect that e-cigarette use has had on the population of smokers.

Just like in the UK, where vaping rates have been declining alongside smoking - which suggests many people may be using them just to stop smoking and eventually stop vaping too.


In contrast to what the media seems to be portraying, teen vaping isn't on the rise.

Even back in 2016, this was evident in the MTF annual survey. The results showed a clear downward trend in teen vapers. In just two years the rate had dropped by 3.5% and 3% in the specific age groups.

Today, teen smoking is also down to a record low - just 9%!

While these studies don't prove vaping to be the "magic pill" for quitting cigarettes, we should still celebrate the decline in smoking rates. After all, that's what vaping was originally created for!



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