Smoking is More Addictive Than Vaping

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Smoking is More Addictive Than Vaping

People who have an anti-vaping mentality like to jump on the bandwagon of cherry-picked conclusions like this one:

 "The use of e-cigarettes are just as deadly and addictive as tobacco cigarettes."

But if these people were to research a little deeper and form their own conclusions they would understand that what gets media attention doesn't portray the whole truth.

There's a study you can find here from Penn State University that could change a naysayers' perception of e-cigarettes, so please feel free to pass the information along via Facebook or Twitter!

The study, called "A Comparison of Nicotine Dependence Among Exclusive E-cigarette and Cigarette users in the PATH study", was a long survey that included 32,320 participants - 3,586 were chosen for Wave 1 PATH database. 

Of those, 6% identified themselves as only-vapers, 4% identified themselves as only-smokers and 93% of only-vapers were former smokers.

The remainder considered themselves to be social smokers.

The results appearing to the team of scientists:

  • The only-vapers claimed to be better at avoiding vaping in restricted areas versus when they used to smoke.
  • They also mentioned that their cravings for vaping were less severe than when they were smokers.
  • They also claimed to wait longer in the morning, before having their first hit on their vape mod, when compared to the short time between waking up and smoking their first cigarette of the day.

The above are just the first batch of results from the study. Approximately 80% of participants also provided blood and urine samples throughout the study so we will wait to hear from the research teams to see what their analysis turns up regarding nicotine and addiction levels!

I hope this lends a hand in educating anti-vapers in the difference between vaping with mods and smoking regular cigarettes.

To your health and happiness!



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