Smoking Cessation: Pharma Drugs?

Smoking Cessation: Pharma Drugs?

This is something talked about frequently when somebody is trying to quit smoking. Online groups and forums, filled with people who have quit or are quitting smoking, talk to each other about what worked for them and people they know. 

Using cessation drugs such as Chantix is often said to be effective, but usually by people who are quitting and not people who have quit for the long-term.

On December 21st, an analysis of smoking cessation studies across the US determined that pharmaceutical aids are not as effective as the clinical trials like to make out.

In the clinical trials and studies, it's often in a very controlled environment and patients are often given counselling and psychological guidance with the issues that can arise from smoking cessation. 

Transfer that to the real-world and most of the counselling and guidance disappears. Suddenly the rate of effectiveness with pharmaceutical drugs to quit smoking is decreased significantly.

If you're looking to quit, just remember that it isn't as easy as popping a pill. Though, we live in an age of information so you can get some sort of guidance from people who have done it before.

Here's a new video from SMM - he talks about his experience with quitting and what may be the best method for you!



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