Smoke-Free Seems To Be The Goal!

Smoke-Free Seems To Be The Goal!

Duke University in N.C. has its roots in tobacco.

Named after James B. Duke who built his wealth around the tobacco industry went on to found the original Duke Energy. He had given large sums of money to the then-college which influenced the trustees to change the name.

Now, 94 years later, President of Duke University, Vincent Price, announced that the Durham campus will be totally smoke-free. Effective on July 1st 2020, only select cessation aids such as e-cigarettes and possibly chewing tobacco will be allowed on campus.

A bold move considering how much negative attention vaping has around youth in North America. It could possibly be looked past due to the age of university students, however, to allow vaping in an educational facility is making a statement - one that not everyone will agree with.

Across the pond, an even bigger change is being made.

England is looking to set a smoke-free date. What does that mean? It means they're going to set a goal-date that dictates when England will have a smoking-rate of 5% or less. That means only 5% of the population smoke - an incredibly low number considering where it was just 7 years ago.

The goal is to make smoking cessation a more individual endeavor. Rather than giving one or two options for help and making everybody choose between them, England's stance is to offer as many cessation aids - all different types - to give smokers the best opportunity to quit.

Vaping has already proved to be effective and will be included.




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