Saving Vape: What You Can Do

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Saving Vape: What You Can Do

I've compiled a small list of "things" you can do to help the vaping industry stay strong.

Sometimes it's hard to know how to advocate when it seems everyone is out to put a stop to the thing you love!


THING 1 - Make sure you vote.

Vote for the right political candidate for your location whether it's city, state/province or country.

If you don't, you won't see any changes you want and you'll probably see changes you don't want when it comes to the law and legality of vaping.


THING 2 - Learn about vaping, e-liquid and the types of products available.

There is no way to know everything about vaping and the industry but you should try to know information about;

  • Law & legislation,
  • Public policies,
  • Advantages,
  • Disadvantages,
  • and the latest studies on vaping.

All of this information compiled in your brain will help you with Thing 3.


THING 3 - Educate others whenever they ask questions or make statements about vaping.

This is the one that will make the most difference in the long-term. Most people are ignorant to anything they haven't been told.

This means that if all they know about vaping and e-cigarettes is the news and media posts that demonize them, then more than likely that will be the view they have.

Educate them in a way that doesn't come off as condescending. If you act all high-and-mighty when talking with somebody, they will resist and go against you even more.

So, be friendly and offer them resources and links to studies that show the facts about e-cigarettes and e-liquid so they can make their own decisions based on the evidence.


THING 4 - Talk to smokers about how switching to vaping can benefit them.

This is simple. The more positive stories on how vaping helped people not to smoke will cause others to try that route. The more people vaping instead of smoking, the better!

Same as THING 3, don't condescend.

Educate the smoker and mention that it's worth trying if it means he or she saves money, no longer harms their body with the toxins in cigarettes and won't smell like smoke anymore!


THING 5 - Buy your mods and e-liquid at the right vape shop.

If you truly want to support the vaping industry, rather than choosing the vape shop that sells everything and more, choose the vape shop that cares about the growth of vaping and the decline of the tobacco industry.

If a vape shop sells everything, even low quality e-liquid and vaporizers, chances are their interest is simply in making money.

If they are carrying high quality products and they vet the brands before selling them - this is a vape shop that cares - these are the places you want to support, so buy your stuff from them!


Those are the 5 "things" you can start doing immediately to support your vaping rights and the vaping industry.

If you would like an example of a vape shop that supports the industry and wants to see more people making the switch from smoking to vaping - check out Ontario Vape Company.

To your health and happiness!



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