Reddit Bans Vaping Promotion

Reddit Bans Vaping Promotion

If you used to go to Reddit for new e-liquid brands selling their products cheaply, you'll now find that they're unable to post.

Internet sites and companies are now in the cross-hairs of the U.S. government. Why? In-light of the recent shootings from underage gun owners, they're starting to clamp down on websites that allow for the promotion and sale of age-restricted products without proper checks.

That includes e-cigarettes, e-liquid and anything related to them.

Reddit for a long time has been a way for new brands to promote their products to the masses with great deals, and old brands to launch new flavours or mods. 

But now Reddit has cut everyone off. No more links, no more promotions and generally no posts that promote the sale of age-restricted products.

They're doing it to protect their business, which is understandable. But it means that more websites will begin doing the same, very soon. Facebook (and Instagram) has already limited the reach and promotional ability of business pages owned by vape companies.

Physical vape shops that have online platforms, like Ontario Vape, may also sense more demand to stay up-to-date with mods and e-liquid to please these online customers that relied heavily on social promotion.




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