Quit Smoking: What's the alternative?

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Quit Smoking: What's the alternative?

Many of us make the decision to quit smoking regularly. Usually on a Friday we’ll tell ourselves “…we quit on Monday! No more cigarettes starting on Monday!”

Then Monday comes and naturally we get irritated by some event or person and that causes us to believe we need a cigarette. You say “ok, maybe just one to relax and calm me down” but then the next day you’ll have a couple more excuses and the habit continues.

So, what are your options?

Well, here are a list of the current list of cessation methods approved by the FDA and medical industry:

  • Skin Patches (nicotine)
  • Chewing Gums (nicotine)
  • Lozenges (nicotine)
  • Nicotrol (spray & inhaler)
  • Chantix (non-nicotine)

These have helped many people quit – there’s no doubt about that. You can find thousands of testimonials on any anti-smoking forum from people who have used gum and patches successfully to quit smoking.

These are great at decreasing the cravings for nicotine but what can you do about those physical habits you’ve developed?

You know the ones I’m talking about. When you don’t have a cigarette handy and you start chewing your pen, your nails or feeding yourself absurd amounts of snack-foods to keep your hands and mouth busy. Those are habits that your brain is trying to feed.

When you think of quitting smoking – think of it as a giant, jagged mountain with lots of mini-peaks and deadly drops before you reach the top. To quit smoking cold turkey is essentially to take-on that mountain as is. No alterations, no path to follow just pitfalls everywhere you look. 

That isn’t to say you won’t make it! Many have. But even more have failed.

Now I want you to imagine that you could swap the mountain for a big hill. Same size as the death-mountain but it is a smooth incline of grass and flowers all the way to the top.

Reaching the top of the mountain or hill represents quitting.

That’s what many people see as the difference between quitting cold turkey (the death-mountain) and using an alternative that feeds the physical habits while you quit (the grassy hill).

If you think quitting will be hard and already have doubts – using an alternative could benefit you.

“What’s an alternative” I hear you ask?!

An alternative to smoking is vaping. I’m sure you saw that coming.

I won’t go into detail about the science of how it works but I will invite you to look at this study that wanted to quantify the methods of quitting commonly used by smokers.

It states:

“Substituting some cigarettes with e-cigarettes was used by a greater percentage of smokers than the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, or other cessation aids approved by the US Food & Drug Administration.”

This study surveyed 15,943 smokers – 35.3% substituted e-cigarettes for cigarettes and another 24.7% switched completely from cigarettes to e-cigarettes!

I’ll let you read between the lines and make your own decision.

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To your health & happiness!



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