Public Health Consultant: "You Should Switch Right Away!"

Public Health Consultant: "You Should Switch Right Away!"

"Something so evident... that had such a huge impact on health - you should switch right away!"

Penelope Hutchinson, a Public Health Consultant, talks about how Canada has taken an illogical stance on vaping versus the UK.

Hutchinson is working toward helping Canada become smoke-free through various strategies. She believes that people should be able to take the real evidence and research, then make an informed decision as opposed to buying into the misinformation being spread around by anti-vaping groups.

An interesting point brought up is that Canada has taken a rather progressive approach to the opioid crisis, but smoking is still being blanketed by the belief of "zero-tolerance".

 Perhaps as vaping technology progresses and big tobacco normalizes it, governments will begin to open up the policies around vaping. Even though it's been around for a while, it's still pretty new to the majority of the population.

Time will most likely help vaping become the harm-reduction tool it was meant to be - we just have to make sure the right information and evidence is being distributed!




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